I am Hao, the person behind this blog. I have a degree in pest management and PhD in entomology. I have been working in the pest management industry for 8+ years where I troubleshoot pest issues, test different solutions, train the service technicians and educate homeowners and business operators. I am currently the regional technical leader in a world leading pest management company.

Being in the pest management industry for years, I’ve seen a lot of misinformed homeowners and business operators. They often do their DIY in an unsafe or ineffective manner. Their sources are either the internet, hearsay, or grandma’s wisdoms. Not only it doesn’t help, sometimes it exacerbates the situation and they can poison themselves or their family members.

Through this blog, I want to share my knowledge and experience to homeowners like you. Hopefully with that, I can help more people to make informed decisions and resolve the pest issues at their house.

I also have another blog where I share my passion on insect keeping at xtraordinarypets.com. Feel free to pay a visit if you want to learn how to appreciate the “bugs”.